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How it works

Start your online business in minutes with the Lucrazon Brand Partner Program!


Become a part of the fast growing
$1.298 Trillion Dollar World of Ecommerce
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We empower motivated individuals like you with all the necessary
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The Lucrazon Brand Partner Program is designed for:

By becoming a Lucrazon Brand Partner, you own a
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Your product will be the first fully-integrated Ecommerce System (Patent-Pending Technology) that allows your customers to create beautiful websites with Shopping Cart, Merchant Services, Marketing Tools, Inventory and more.

Help your clients save thousands of dollars a year while you get multiple streams of income!
*Payout details below


Products - Services - Benefits

A Personalized Website with integrated Site Builder

  •   Your own URL to promote your business
  •   Your Own Merchant Account
  •   Daily deposits directly to your bank account
  •   Income from Website Conversions
  •   Income from Custom Websites Design
  •   Marketing Tools (SEO, Adwords)
  •   20% Commission on all Sales
  •   20% Residual Monthly Income
  •   20% Residual income from Merchant Services

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